Friday 31 July 2009

How Long?

As I finish off my cuppa tea I browse the forums and see an intresting debate on how long it takes to make a loco.

I have mentioned this before but I am happy to explain this in a little more detail.
It does depend on the loco but this is a rough guide for an artist. (Steam locos tend to take longer)

Man day = 6 hours at least 1 hour a day is spent making tea and chatting about biscuits just to upset those that don't like us talking about biscuits.

1 - day photography research trip
1-2 days internet/email research


0.5 day setting up plan views and scale
5-10 days modelling
3-5 days unwrapping
2-4 days texturing
1 day per skin
1 day details
1 day shadow model
1 day loding
2-3 days setting up xml and testing performance


5-10 days modelling
3-5 days unwrapping
0.5 day shadow model
2-4 days texturing
1 day animating/testing
1 day setting up xml

So, a loco can take between 200 and 300 hours to make and that is by a proffessional model maker with many years worth of experience. (with help from a SME) It is only a guide and some locos take less and some much more, there are a few rather large locos in development that almost double this time.

Also, the above has not mentioned the sound recordings, scenarios, testing, marketing or other rollingstock that might go with it.


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Aamod said...

Nice blogpost Derek. Will really help me estimate time that I'd need to put in to make WCAM-1, Indian Railways 1st Dual Voltage Electric locomotive.

The loco has been really close to my heart. Its about to be withdrawn from service now and would like to make it come to life in RailWorks. Your blog is helping me out with a lot of stuff, since I've a totally new to modelling and graphics stuff.