Tuesday 14 July 2009

1 Cockton Hill Road

The building on the corner of the Rail Bridge, 1 Cockton Hill road. As a lad I use to deliver newspapers to this building, I also had a mate who left me an extra pint of milk here every morning. (I love ice cold Milk)

Ok, this building has a 1024/1024 texture on it. I will leave for the time being (I can always reduce back to 512/512 later if need be) as it is close to the track. The buildings alongside it will not be so high res. Hopefully the change in res will not be to noticeable.
As you can see I mostly robbed the photograph. The work was mainly in reworking the image into a useable texture and being canny about which bits I mirrored and reused to avoid the butterfly effect.


GreyPea said...

Aye, looks reet nice that.

Good idea having 1024x1024 as it's close to the track. Like you say - you can always reduce it down if need be.


Darren said...

Now I do recognise that building, excellent work.

Shawn Driscoll said...

I love how you kept the tree reflections in the windows. It adds to the realness of the building in-game.