Wednesday 27 October 2010

Tea time

While multitasking (badly) I have been keen to put together a couple of new characters. This one taking time out to have a cuppa.

So an interesting week. RS2 out which is good.
The Arkem is quiet for a change but UK kicked off.

Not sure UKTS have got to the bottom of the real problem though. Maybe they (Matt) should be asking why the creators are taking their work down...
Anyway, for once not my problem which is nice...!


Sunday 17 October 2010


So the upgrade happens tomorrow.

Everyone backed up?
I backed up this afternoon as I noticed I had not doing it for 2 months. (well at least the whole set of folders)
Not that anything should go wrong of course, just a good excuse to back up.

It feels good to be backed up, but what about the backing up of the back ups? where do you put all the data? These days the files and folders are so big it makes it difficult and time consuming to back up.
Anyway, had a good look around the forums today, some really cool stuff going on, and interesting chatter.
The route building challenge on UKTS is producing some high quality and nice to see my buildings being used, many have thanked me which was unnecessary but nice.
The signs I'm making for the guys however is eating into my time here at home but will make a difference to the routes. Just wish I had them all done.

A subject on UKTS made me laugh again, how an image and a line about the image/RWs-RWs2 can have folks jumping to all kinds of conclusions. Chinese whispers/mis quotes etc (including a few who like to stir... :) )has people talking nonsense, kinda sums up forums really.

On another note it is a shame that 'Arkem Asylum' is still being run by the inmates, not that it makes any difference of course, just a shame to see them wallowing around in the mud when the rest of the world is moving on without them.

So, onto my Wear Valley Route, great news, Google earth shows the Bishop Auckland area in the 1940s! this really is the last piece of the jigsaw regarding some areas I've struggled with.

Looks like the long dark nights will be filled with route building and object creating. (if the wife lets me)

So whats after RWs 2? well we have a couple of routes in progress and the 03 is finally going to be finished (as soon as I finish the FS cab! (did I tell anyone I hate making cabs?) )

So onward with the evolution


Sunday 10 October 2010

Steaming ahead?

Just a subtle hint at what lies in store for the WVR... (thanks for the ref photos Sly)

Ok, so I have been away and very busy... all will be known soon.
(Next week will be very interesting indeed)

Anyway, after the free asset pack I put together and random DLC I now want to turn my attention to my own work. For the past few months I have been slogging away with work and my own project has suffered.

I am just in the process of making Wearhead station and surrounding area, wanted to have a look at what the moors would look like with the terrain textures, not a bad first stab but still more work needs doing.
The sky is just a test I was messing about with for one of the coders. Hopefully more on this soon.

It's good to be back.