Tuesday 4 August 2009

Weekend away

Back from a full on family mission to the north. For once the weather was with us but the camping went out the window and instead we went 'atticing'.
The tent got put up but it was purely for show.
Looking east towards Darlington, love the way the line from Stanhope is showing red... (not surprised going by the state of the track!)

Looking west towards Witton Park.

Newton Cap viaduct.

Also took some time out to take a pic of the old family home. Mam and Dad lived there for 35 years. 2 up 2 down and a small kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor.

Brothers dog 'Jess', she use to be twice as big, but now she eats apples and pears and gets loads of exercise. (So that's how you loose weight!)

And finally On the way back to London I took a rather large detour and headed to Cayton Bay which sits between Scarborough and Filey, a wonderful beach where we spent many of our summer holidays and a place to remember 'me mam'.

A shame I never got chance to ride the steam train between Stanhope and Frosterley, but my daughter was having none of it, building damns and throwing stones in the river at Hamsterley Forest is far more interesting, she is probably right too.


Darren said...

Looks like you had a pretty good time on your visit back up here. And you went to Cayton Bay, we are taking the kids there later in the year for a little break so should be good.

Durhamlass said...

Wow - I thought they'd cleared that part of the line in preparation for the reconnect to the national network. Either they stopped at Latherbrush or the weeds are growing quickly this year...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Sounds like it was great fun!