Saturday 28 February 2009

Just when you thought the bridge was over...

As I have hundreds of assets to make I am looking only to spend a few hours per scenery asset.
This morning was the first test, 2 hours from start to finish.
One side on photo was enough to create the texture for the whole bridge at Wearhead. I did mirror the arches to save on texture space.
The texture size is 1024/256, which is ok seeing as the end of the line is just behind the camera.
I will also look to create an animated object that I can place below the surface of the water to simulate shallow rapids. The route follows the river the whole way so it is important I get the river looking intresting.

The bridge at Wearhead.

Update image with added rocks.

Thursday 26 February 2009

North by Northeast

Sorry for not posting for a few weeks, but I have been rather busy. (More on that soon!)
It was with great pleasure I managed to head off back north for the weekend to gather the much needed reference pictures for my route.
I left London and the family at 10pm Friday night. North circular, M1,M18,A1 BOSH!
Three and a half hours later I arrive at my brothers house for a beer before bed. (well, sleeping bag!)
7am start to the day heading into the dales, it was a wonderful drive, full of dramatic skies and rolling hillsides.
I took close on 2000 images, mostly of bridges/buildings and trees over 2 days but I thought I'd share a few of the views I encounted.
First up the view from West Blackdene bridge looking down the line to St John's Chapel.

Next up the view a mile down the line at St john's chapel.

Further down stream (looking south) just before you get to Eastgate I took this shot.

Arrived at Witton Park around 2pm.

I spent the rest of the day taking shots of Bishop Auckland buildings.
A few beers with the older brother, then up at 8am to head off down the other branch lines, first up the 2 miles to Shildon Tunnel. The First train of the day was still a few hours away. I walked through that tunnel once as a kid, a stupid thing to do, but it was just one of many stupid things I did!
After a trip to see dad I drove upto Coundon station and walked the 2 miles to Binchester taking pictures of views and the various stone bridges along the way, below is a view from one of them.
After that I wondered around Bishop some more taking pictures of King James and Cockton hill schools as well as other key buildings.
I have enough to keep me busy for many months and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Wednesday 11 February 2009

Speaking of bridges..

While doing my research I came across this wonderful photo of the Flying Scotsman squeezing under Cockton Hill Bridge on the 10th of September 1967.


Sunday 8 February 2009

The bridge is over

Just a little update today, Had the day off yesterday, this morning I blocked out the old metal bridge from the station approach road over platform 4 to the station Rec.

Managed to get a few good pictures of it so it is fairly accurate with all the support struts going in the correct directions. Yes I know it is just pushed into the far wall... but all that will be fixed once the builders have had a cuppa.
Just need to texture it correctly now, hope to get it done later this evening.


p.s. Excuse the strange titles of blog posts, most are lyrics from various songs, this one from BDP.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Looking through the window

With the rest of the family tucked up asleep in bed I managed to grab an hour or so of modelling before bed. Still lots to do but chipping away at it.


Sunday 1 February 2009

Few more bits and bobs

A few more shapes added, I'm going to have to worry about size and spacing soon...

maybe tackle the dials next.