Thursday 28 May 2009

Who nose..

Ok, I did not want to talk about the 37 for some time, I am still getting over the hurt. However I have read a few posts about variations and will there be any, there will be more 37's I just need a rest from it.
Here is a render of a variation I started awhile back. (It has many mistakes and is just wip)



Saturday 23 May 2009

37 Dials

So the question is, do you use photos for textures or recreate the textures from scratch?

It's a tough one, photos tend to look better if they are taken in the correct lighting conditions.
I often use photographs to create my textures but they often need a fair bit of work to square up if the subject matter is man made.

I took photographs of the dials for the 37, but did not use them. Instead I recreated them in Photoshop with various layers. I mainly did it because I felt the photographed dials would not sit in the surroundings as well.

Did I make the right call? which would you have used and why?
(BTW, for this and the Screen shot on I changed the FOV to show more of the cab in a single shot, so excuse the 'wang effect'. My new wide screen helps too!)

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Red letter day

Yes indeed, the class 37 is all but done!
Screen shots to follow on the website.

Now that it is out my way I intend to take a rest from modelling locos in my personal time.
The 101 and 03 will be built in work time over the coming year.

Not only am I going to take a rest from locos, but the forums too.
While I have enjoyed the banter with a few (and made some really good friends) I think now is a good time to back off a little and leave them to the users to have a good old moan, after all there is nothing wrong in that!

A new beginning is just around the corner and I just don't think I want to go over old ground with the usual suspects, no good will ever come of it.
I'll still read them of course but I'll refrain from replying so please don't take it personally if I do not respond.

To those that have helped and encouraged, thank you.
You have made the last 2 years worth while.

So onward and upwards...
Hopefully with this news my blog will become a whole lot more interesting and be updated on a much more regular basis.



Sunday 10 May 2009

El loco

I'm fairly relaxed about the noise across the tinterweb, however a night in a hospital holding a loved one puts it all into perspective.

Back on topic, hoping to show more of what I've been upto these past few weeks, been kinda intense but exciting.



Saturday 2 May 2009

37 cab in RS

just a quick video to show the cab on my BA route in RS.

(Ahhhh! so thats where the engine shed is...)

cabin fever

Cab in game for the first time.
Just shadow bake textures.