Sunday 28 November 2010


I seem to be forever giving reasons why I am making slow progress, and just when I am through the issue another one pops up. Work and family eh!
Anyway, I finally got round to picking it back up again, just spending some time getting to know the route again. There are some good things been worked on at towers so I may have to re think some areas to use the new tech next year.
For now and the next couple of weeks, I will be making the area around the station. Here is some progress on the footbridge to the rec.

Off to work on the class 03 cab and characters tonight but tomorrow... I think I will tackle the large buildings behind platform 4.

Sunday 21 November 2010

Where thou art?

I have had a number of pm's asking why I've stopped posting in forums.
The main answer is fairly simple, I've been busy, but also my personal time is far to important to be arguing the toss with various folks.
Rome would never have got built that way.
So in this time of non posting I have been fairly productive.
The works Yard area is coming along well, as is the 03. (images below)
I'm just texturing the cab and going through a fix list to finish it all off.

So, what is the Works (industrial North) all about? Well it grew out of the 03 shunter. I have had that on my drawing board for almost 2 years, but the team were like; 'not another shunter pack!' How very dare they! (I only have a couple left to do to have the full set!)
We discussed what we could do to make the pack more interesting than just a small diesel.
I really wanted to do Consett Steel works and surrounding area but and 03 was just not right and I did not have images for a Sentinel shunter. Not to mention how much work it would be.
As I researched the area I was amazed at how complexed it all was from track to buildings, so we brainstormed some more and came up with a works area, Doncaster became the clear favourite as we discussed ideas.
We distressed many bits of rolling stock and added a number of new buildings and assets, However, I was keen to add more characters to the area too, all animated doing various tasks.
Below is one of the recycled chatacters before being skinned and animated.