Friday, 28 September 2012

Newgate Street

I've started the surrounding area to the station, here is the first bits of Newgate Street, will work my way down to the Wear Valley Hotel and down to the 4 clocks. The buildings are pretty simple shapes, because I am filling in the whole town I have made a call on where I will use my polygons, hopefully the textures will more than make up for the lower poly housing.

In other news,
I was never keen on drama's or soaps, period or otherwise, however it is certainly entertaining seeing Vera Duckworth and co doing a state side show.


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Almost there..

Starting to feel right now. Once the surrounding area goes in I will feel much better.

Station Progress

Now that TS2013 is out my focus this weekend has been on the Station.
I have finished the platform edges, and missing buildings as well as cleaned up many of the loose ends.
My next task is to make the 2 or 3 different lamps that were on the platforms.

I will also need to re-bake the whole station with a new light map. The one I did many moons ago has long since broken.
I look forward to showing the progress over the next few days.



Friday, 21 September 2012


I'd say last night went great!

I'm really pleased it had the effect I was expecting on folks.
Enjoy chaps, :)
I'm off to enjoy this great Sim myself.
Happy times... till the next time!


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Less than 2 hours to go..

Here we are again, though I've not even gone down to the bunker this time, thought it best to be out in the open.. in a field.
The wonder of Wi Fi.

Off to sip on a Single Malt this evening, today has been a good day.

Breath...and relax.

Tomorrow it all starts again, TS14?



Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Are we there yet?

It's been one of those days, (is it done yet..? what about now!?) just when i should be popping the champers
I get dragged into something. :)

So in between scenario playing, I have just been tinkering in the editor as you do, put a train on some tracks in my wood and drove around, amazed at how great it looks and feels.

cho cho boys, see you on the other side.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

clear out of old blogs


I have just had a clear out of old blogs, I followed many but those that have not posted in the past 6 months or longer I have removed.
Hope no one minds.
Social media moves so fast that no sooner do you get use to one form, folks move onto the next best thing which is fair enough, I was sure google plus would take off, oh well.

This Blog will be going as long as the route is in development and while it feels like forever, I am only just getting going.


Saturday, 15 September 2012

The new cool

I'm digging the occlusion boxes. lots of fun to be had here!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Over the Hill

Today is a good day, I get to back up my current project, kick up my feet and enjoy my cuppa. (In theory, lets see what the day brings!)

I've seen some folks running around chicken little style over the past few days but it's OK, it was just an acorn.

So now I turn my attention back to the newly christened 'Weardale & Teesdale Railway'.

The track has been laid up at Wearhead so I think that is a perfect place to start the example section.
This is about a mile long that will be finished to a standard that I want the rest of the route, it will provide me with a guide to how I want the rest of the route to look.

All that has been done to date has really just been placeholder stuff and most of it will be ripped out, the work starts from now.

Hmmm, I love the smell of fresh terrain textures in the morning.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

TS2013 is coming

Seems to be some confusion over TS2013, who what why when where etc, Facebook page is the place to watch for more info.

However in simple terms, if you do nothing and just carry on as you are, you will get your game code/look/new features etc updated for free, like any other update have done.

Your game will become TS2013 but with the content you currently have and enjoy.
If you pre order the steam version of TS2013 (this has different content to RWs/RWs2 and TS2012) you will get the 4 advertised routes (SH, IOW, NEC and B to V) added to your current content list at a discounted price.
New users who buy TS2013 (and do not own a previous versions of the sim) Will only have those 4 advertised routes in their list.
New users will be able to obtain the old core content from Steam, more information on this to follow from

Any questions please email


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What's in a name?

Very topical, so here is the new name for the route:


Name change to reflect the Track work.

loading screen mock-up