Monday 31 August 2009

Tree Lofts

Just a few tree/bush lofts for the route.
5 in the scene below, I think I need 2 more and that'll do.
I use various methods for cutting the outline, however most of it is with the selection tool.
If you cut the shape out when the image is large then you don't have to be so clinical. I often cut the shape I want out rather than the actual outline of the tree or bush.

Friday 28 August 2009

Bridges and Rosebay

These Fridays are coming around quick!

Ok. This week I have made more progress on the station complex. The approach bridgeover the tracks has been created (though not shadow baked yet ) as well as the curved wall sections.

Looking south(ish)

The underside of the bridge is not straight, it angles up into the middle slightly, counted the pannels but not the rivots. :)

I felt the need to make more Rosebay, my last lot was not great and the source image was a bit of a let down. still got to get the lighting values right but the detail is there.

Lastly the Jubilee got released today, next up the Hall then V2!

Edit, any comments about addons please email support, updating the products on steam is so very easy.
I don't mind beef, but not here please.



Monday 24 August 2009

Back up!

Normally I am pretty good at saving work.
At home I have 4 x 500gig and 2 x 200gig hard drives that I save to, mostly over night. The smaller drives are used to ferry work to and from the office and as short term back ups.
A couple of weeks ago I modelled an alternative PGA wagon, mapped it and saved it. Then, through a comedy of errors I managed to delete the file from 2 places on my work pc.

Now I know I rendered it so it meant it would be in a lighting rig file.
When I bring a max model into a lighting rig for render I always save the max file, just change the name, _131 to _132 for example.

These files get back up on various drives so it was only a matter of time before I found it but it had me concerned for a short while.

It is now in Source control not to be lost again.
It was not alot of work to go missing but still enough for me not to want to do it again.
Back up your work to more than 1 place.

Saturday 22 August 2009

The Station Passageway

I've spent a few hours modelling the details around the covered passageway that links the road over the track to platform 2.
This passage way was curved to follow the track, this I'll apply once I am happy with the structure/mapping and texturing.

It is still missing the canopy but the overall shape and scale feels about right.
I have also modelled this structure so that it can be seen from the inside, it does mean more polygons but I think the extra detail will be worth it once the whole structure comes together.
The inside will always be lit/illuminated so it will have to be textured/shadowed accordingly.

The glass in the roof will use the glass effect shader, now there maybe Zfighting in RWs (where you get multiply layers of glass) because of it's simple Z calulations, but I'm not sure anyone would even notice.


Friday 21 August 2009

Red Red Wine

Friday night and after a long day I find myself on the red wine.

The 8F is out to buy on Steam now, the guys have done well and I think users will like the loco and the scenarios.

Paul (Sly) has come on a storm from last year, his models get better and better.
Of course others were involved with scenarios/rollingstock and set up, the whole team chipped in.
Not forgetting the information from the beta testers too, thanks to you all for your feed back and assistance.


Saturday 15 August 2009

DMU - update

I got asked about the 101 this week, sad to say it's not moved on a great deal.

However it is due to be started during work hours in a couple of weeks time.
I do bits and bobs to it when I have a spare half an hour.
(This morning I mapped the basic shape)
Now once I have completed the quadrilogy (08/37/101/03)
who knows whats next.


Friday 14 August 2009

Bishop Auckland Station

Ok, I'll stop posting tree images!
So, this weekend I'm turning my attention back to the station.
As it stands things are blocked out and to the right scale.
The slopping tunnel is straight right now but I'll add the bend later once it is all mapped and textured.
The footbridge over the platform needs to be added as does the canopies.
I have a good detailed plan of the station layout I got by emailing the NRM at York. cost a few quid but well worth it and from that I know where the doors and windows are on the platforms.

The station approach wall and platform edges are blocky and not final.
The platform edge will be done in the game engine with an offset loft to make sure I get a wonderful curve that hugs the rails.

Looking West from high about Cocton Hill Road towards the station rec.

Looking East down the line to Darlington

Looking South.

Tuesday 11 August 2009


Foliage Pack free to all!
I'm glad it has now gone to all RailWorks users as bonus content.
The little project was started because I watched the way people were using assets and thought there was something I could do to help.
3 weeks hard toil and leaf cutting was spent on the pack.

Anyway now that it's out there I'm afraid I've scraped all the foliage that was in my route (lots in I just did not need) and started from scratch.
I have been out and about over the past few weeks gathering more reference material while the sun has been behind clouds.
Enough now, I think it's time to leave the camera at home instead of stopping every 2 minutes to take a photo of a tree because the lighting was right.

So here are the first 12 new trees for the WVR.


Thursday 6 August 2009

Black and White

Amazing what you find when you dig through old books.
I look forward to bringing these images to you in colour.


Tuesday 4 August 2009

Weekend away

Back from a full on family mission to the north. For once the weather was with us but the camping went out the window and instead we went 'atticing'.
The tent got put up but it was purely for show.
Looking east towards Darlington, love the way the line from Stanhope is showing red... (not surprised going by the state of the track!)

Looking west towards Witton Park.

Newton Cap viaduct.

Also took some time out to take a pic of the old family home. Mam and Dad lived there for 35 years. 2 up 2 down and a small kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor.

Brothers dog 'Jess', she use to be twice as big, but now she eats apples and pears and gets loads of exercise. (So that's how you loose weight!)

And finally On the way back to London I took a rather large detour and headed to Cayton Bay which sits between Scarborough and Filey, a wonderful beach where we spent many of our summer holidays and a place to remember 'me mam'.

A shame I never got chance to ride the steam train between Stanhope and Frosterley, but my daughter was having none of it, building damns and throwing stones in the river at Hamsterley Forest is far more interesting, she is probably right too.