Thursday 25 September 2008

Ok, last one on my 37 for awhile.
It may not look like much at the moment but it is set up as a basic diesel in RS.

I wrestled my way through Adam's 'how to' get an engine working doc.

Tuesday 23 September 2008

While I have not touched my route for a few days I have been busy with some other house keeping tasks.

At the weekend I left London at 5am to arrive in Bury for 8am.
Chris Baily kindly invited me to take pics of the 101DMU, I think this may just have to make it into my route as it was the train I use to travel to Darlington on as a Kid. (Though not in that livery!)

After a few hours in and around the yard (and a chat about maybe a future western) I jumped into the car and headed north.
Shildon and the Locomotion my destination and a walk around the steam gala.
A big thank you to Anthony and friends for making me feel so welcome.

The Duke was very impressive...

Though it was nice to see a familiar loco...

A number of reference pictures from around the Bishop Auckland and Shildon area then back to my Brothers for some food and a sleep.

Up at 3am to make the long journey home to my wife and daughter.

A great day out but not one I would want to do every Saturday!


Thursday 18 September 2008

Well it seems this is turning into my class 37 blog, however at the weekend I am off on a research trip to photograph the class 101DMU, more on that later, for now here is the 37 with the fixed curved window and hinges on top panels.

Saturday 13 September 2008

Here is a model of Bishop Auckland's East signal box. As far as I know there was a north and west signal box but no southern one. If anyone one knows anything different please let me know.

I'll be modelling them all as separate assets.

I do have a few small photos of the signal box but nothing i can make a texture from. This will mean sourcing the correct bricks, slate and wooden planks from other buildings. Should be fine though and I am looking forward to seeing it brought back to life and finished for my route.


Monday 8 September 2008

A little bit more on Sunday, still loads to do but taking shape.

Saturday 6 September 2008

Just a quick one for today, managed to grab an hour or two back on my 37.
Will it make it into the WVR route? only time will tell.



Friday 5 September 2008

For some random reason I started modelling a few bridges first, mainly because I had good reference photos of them.
One of the major challenges of creating this route will be gathering the correct material. So much has gone and replaced with soulless buildings.
First up the station Bridge on Newgate St as it turns into Cockton Hill road.

I'm afraid I don't remember the lines ever going over the Viaduct. (Image below) Last train to go over the bridge was in 1968 I believe. (I will check)
I do remember the tunnel entrance on the bridge side that was turned into a shooting alley for the Bishop Auckland gun club.

The viaduct was going to be knocked down in the 90's however the whole town got involved and it was saved and transformed into a road bridge, the first of its kind in the UK.
I have very fond memories walking across this bridge, and the views were great of the valley in both directions. Hopefully I will be able to get this across when placing the assets.

More to come soon.



Thursday 4 September 2008

Welcome, to the start of my Wear Valley Railway Blog.

Wearhead to Shildon and the Bishop Auckland branch lines are being developed as an addon for Rail Simulator.

The main reason for producing this route is to recreate a much loved area that sadly no longer exists.
There are a few more reasons but those are best saved for a later date.

Brief History:

The first railway to Bishop Auckland opened in 1843 as an extension of The Stockton & Darlington Railway from South Church to The Wear Valley and the town eventually developed into an important interchange point with lines radiating to all parts of the railway network including Darlington, Crook (until 1939 this was a through route to Swalwell on Tyneside via Tow Law, Consett Steel Works [Derwent Iron Co], Shotley Bridge and the Derwent Valley) & Weardale, Spennymoor, Barnard Castle and Durham. The station was unusual in shape being triangular, it was no problem if a locomotive needed turning.
Find out more about the line Here .

Ok, getting started was the hardest part, I will leave you with the Bishop Auckland track laid within Rail Simulator:

Next time screen shots of some of my early assets.