Saturday 22 August 2009

The Station Passageway

I've spent a few hours modelling the details around the covered passageway that links the road over the track to platform 2.
This passage way was curved to follow the track, this I'll apply once I am happy with the structure/mapping and texturing.

It is still missing the canopy but the overall shape and scale feels about right.
I have also modelled this structure so that it can be seen from the inside, it does mean more polygons but I think the extra detail will be worth it once the whole structure comes together.
The inside will always be lit/illuminated so it will have to be textured/shadowed accordingly.

The glass in the roof will use the glass effect shader, now there maybe Zfighting in RWs (where you get multiply layers of glass) because of it's simple Z calulations, but I'm not sure anyone would even notice.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That looks absolutely beautiful Mr 3D Grandmaster speechless ..
would like to relocate immediately tracks.

greets ice