Sunday 22 March 2009

Shildon Tunnel BA side

This weekend I managed to find a few hours to put together the tunnel entrance at Shildon (BA side)
In 1839 work was started on the Shildon tunnel and was opened on 10 April 1842

An interesting fact:

Wikepedia, says that the world's oldest railway tunnels lying beneath streets are the Cobble Hill Tunnel and Murray Hill Tunnel in New York City.
They were originally cuts dug in 1844 and 1836 respectively, but weren't roofed over to become tunnels until the 1850s.
Shildon is clearly older then either, and as neither still has trains running through it, Shildon should claim its place as the world's oldest railway tunnel under a settlement.

1024/512 size texture that is not final, but at least it is squared up and ready for the graffitti to be removed.

A view to show the polygons.

I tried to avoid the visual butterfly effect by off setting the split on both sides, the eyes are drawn to the impressive entrance.




Vlado said...

Nice :)

Shawn Driscoll said...

Nice wires and texture image.