Monday 16 March 2009

BA progress

For a week now I have been without the internet so not been able to update the blog.
Over the weekend I spent some time on the main Station at Bishop Auckland.
The station is the whole reason for creating the route, however I have held off making it due to lack of information.
However thanks to a UKTS forum member who sent me a link to some wonderful flickr images by pinzac55 some progress has been made;
I took this image and distorted it as best I could to make it look like it was being viewed straight on so it could be used it as a template.

Once this was done I created a brick texture from one of my photos of the old hippodrome in Bishop Auckland.
The building is less than 100 metres distance from the station and is constructed from the same type of brick. I know it is not important where the brick texture comes from but I thought it would be a nice touch to use a Bishop image. (Nice to see research trip come in handy too)
I then added some corner stones from another photo and placed with a slight drop shadow.

The orginal photo is great for reference but it could never be used as a texture even if I had the rights to use it, I therefore had to recreate the orginal details in a higher resolution.
The Brick surround I created by making a long strip brick texture and applying that to a box in 3DS max (with lots of segments) and then adding a bend modifier.

The texture is currently looking a little flat regarding lighting, however it will evolve once I start on the rest of the station and only truly come to life once I bake shadows.

I sunk in the doors and middle windows into the geometry to see how the texture would look on the model.

There is still a long way to go however I hope to show the completed model in a couple of weeks.


Struders said...

Wowza that's amazing stuff! nice work as usual.

Darren said...

Excellent Derek. Liking that a lot.

Michael said...

A step by step guide how to create those textures would be the greatest. I'm always lost during texture phase.