Sunday 8 March 2009

Who's house?

OK this has taken me a little over 4 hours to make but the texture will be used for a number of houses at Wearhead.
I often create the texture before I make the model, this is the case here.

As you can see only the top left part of the texture has been worked on, the rest is all wonky.
I'll work my way around the texture as I create more houses. Each part of the texture will get corrected/cloned/mirrored etc.

I am using 256 pixels as the height of my buildings, any less would not hold up to close viewing. Even close up this house looks crisp enough for what I need. Station buildings will be at least double the rez.
I made the front and side wall in the texture, the rest of the windows I cut into the model, I sacrifice the variety on the house to get more variety in the whole scene. The top model has 200 polys (400 triangles)

The plan is to have all the houses in this small village all using 1x1024/1024 sized texture, this will hopefully keep any loading glitches down to a minimum.


GreyPea said...

Looks great. Nice and efficient too.

efraser said...

really great looking house,the wear
valley is going to be an impressive
route. Should i not mention it,how is the class37 coming along.