Thursday 29 January 2009

What time is it?

A lunch time break and a quick little screen grab of the entrance to the Park Gates at Bishop Auckland.
It uses 2x512/512 textures. (I may go back to it and make it one 1024/512 if i find a spare hour or so.

This object was textured from one photograph. It did involve some photoshop trickery and our best friend the slice tool in 3DS max but for a low poly object I am pleased with the results.
The clock hands are not part of the texture as it will be a working clock in the RS engine.



Shawn Driscoll said...

Did you use alphas for the wall textures?

Derek Siddle said...

yes i did, 1 poly which is 2 sided, however I may give thickness to the wall to make it feel more solid.