Thursday 20 January 2011


I had a little rest from work.



jjasloot said...

Very nice Derek

Anonymous said...

You're annoyingly talented D ;-)

Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

You have done a great job of covering up the numbers.

I am reminded to make sure I visit Kew Gardens this year.

Very nice work. I hope you can find the time to finish them all.

Derek Siddle said...

thanks for the kind words. They will all get finished, 2 are Christmas presents, and the others I have been planning for ages.
I am off out later to buy 2 more stretched canvas, need to start South Church and the deerhouse. Once I have completed my BA station area in RWs I can then also start those larger painting, hopefully larger than the ones here.


Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

If you have not been there already, there is a permanent display of local art in the 'gallery' at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking.

This is not only an interesting place to visit but has some lovely views as well.

fopix3d said...

nice paintings. the one on the right is realy nice with this clouds and shadows.

Neal said...

I thought that was a bottle of linseed oil untill I enlarged the picture, cheers.