Thursday 4 March 2010

tunnel test bake

You can see from my earlier post how important a light bake is in RWs.
This is just a dirty hack bake and just done quickly to see how it might look.
Fairly pleased with progress.


longbow said...

Nice - is a light bake just the reverse of a shadow bake?

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

It looks really good. What an amazing difference !

Do you use just a skylight or do you add other types of light as well - I'm thinking about the sunlight on the far end wall. I've baked a lot of ambient occlusion shadows for TrainLightMapWithDiffuse.fx , but I've never tried adding extra light.


Derek Siddle said...

You can add extra lights if you want, and for shadow bakes at night time we use omni lights.

However if you add another light becareful about shadows.