Sunday 7 March 2010


Still in a very unfinished state with large chunks not lit.
Just put together the first pass of the footbridge. I don't remember this at all and have only seen it in old photos.
I will go back to the bridge later because I think I may have to model inside it and I really don't want to do that till I have modelled Platform 1.


Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

Beautiful work !!


Alex said...

Great work!

Woody said...

Hey Derek,

Long time no speak/see. I was looking for a plan of the old station and would you believe stumbled upon your blogs here. I remember the foot bridge vaguely as I seem to remember having to cross it to get to the rec ground from where I lived. I'm talking 4 or 5 years old probably!

This work looks amazing! I don't suppose you have an overhead track plan you could let me see, do you?

It would be good to catch up sometime. Good to see you're doing well!