Thursday 31 December 2009

Laying some bushes

Not had much time to do much over the holidays, but the rest was nice too!

I did however manage to find 1950's maps of my entire route, and I now know where the turntable was at Wearhead!
(My wife is not really impressed at my findings!)
Here I have been using the map to lay hedges around the South Church area.

While getting the detail how i want it is time consuming it is rather enjoyable and very much like oil painting. I look forward to getting some time to complete the route.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

Have you ever used the aerial photo's from English Heritage / NRM ?

The whole of the UK was photographed between 1945 and about 1955 - so if you want to get every last tree and building in their correct positions its a good resource. I would recommend buying laser copies tho' since actual photo's are VERY expensive and the lasers altho' cheap are still quite good.

English Heritage also have a lot of oblique photo's from the old Aerofilms archive from around the UK altho' they aren't available for copying at the moment. Again pretty useful when you want to work out what a long gone station used to look like.