Wednesday 23 December 2009

Permanent way

The Permanent way building that use to be opposite the Station (just off Escomb rd).
We use to call it the 'blue' building because in the 80's all doors were blue, creative stuff!
I have to hold my hands up, I smashed a few windows in that building in the 80's (and more besides, but we will not talk about that!)
Doing my best to rebuild it.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

The windows all look intact to me now so I think you have made up for your youthful antics. A great model and sitting perfectly by the tracks.

When I think back to what I used to do as a kid I wonder how I am even alive today, but that is also another story.

Happy Christmas to you Derek and your family not forgetting the whole team at

Anonymous said...

i know what you got up to...

..probably sniffing glue and spitting,
you wrongun.

Geoff Potter said...

Hi Anon

Spitting .. never but glue sniffing perhaps, quite innocently of course.

In my youth and through to my late 20's I was a keen aeromodeller. In the early days before PVA white glue became widely used for model making, everything was stuck with balsa cement which had a distinctive smell and unusual effect.

In the end other priorities took over and as I still had both eyes, all fingers (just) and I had not killed anyone with a high speed plane, it seemed a good idea to try something less dangerous.

There were a lot of derelict buildings around when I was a boy so although I do not actually remember, perhaps a few windows did get smashed.

Then there was the day that I was taken home to my parents by Mr Plod .... but that is another story.

Looking forward to more progress on this route from Derek.

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

This building looks really good !!
Nice screenshots as well.


Anonymous said...

Hello Derek,
I might have smashed windows with you as I used to hangaround there with your Brian, building camps and that.Happy days.
Good site mate.