Sunday 1 March 2015

Asset Sets Part 01

As we move into the business end of development I thought I would give people a little insight into the assets produced for this route.

While there are many bespoke assets for the route I have also tried to included many generic modular assets and buildings for those of you that might be interested in creating routes from WVR.

Here are a selection of modular colliery building assets that can be  arranged to suit your own person needs.

Of course these are just the corrugated buildings, more variations can be made by mixing and matching with the other brick structures, watch out for later blog posts on those.


buddy said...

hi derek

is there map of the stations that your working on so i can see what stations are included in the route



Anonymous said...

Doesn't name the stations specifically, but shows the scope of the network.


Derek Siddle said...

There you go Ian.