Saturday 11 October 2014

South Church

This model and it's textures took around 10 hours, the most interesting thing about them was I made them on the train to Chatham and back! I have a 50 minute section of the journey which allows me to get the lap top out and do some extreme modelling!
The Church is not really that close to the track but I had to make it. I will use the texture to make a few generic churches for the rest of the route.

I have copied over the 101 and the class 37 which will be 2 of the included bits of rolling stock. There will be a few more surprises too, (more on those later) but seeing as I made these for this route many moons ago they just had to go in. (maybe a shunter too... ;) )

Next up I am focusing on Piercebridge Station, I will be looking to make each station bespoke but with 40 on the route that will be a challenge!

more soon.


buddy said...

hi derek

is it getting any closer to release ?



Derek Siddle said...

It will not be before Christmas, still lots to do, and Stuart is wrestling with signals for a month or two.

When I have a clear idea of the date we will announce it, for now please just enjoy the progress the progress.