Wednesday 30 January 2013

Some work in Progress

Jan is always a strange month, and I have been busy with Kent and Marias, but I am currently making assets to place along to Etherley.

Here are my 2 current examples.

Etherly Station
No current details but it will be pretty well detailed. The station building is still there but converted into apartments.

See the building Here

Escomb Saxon Church.

As you can see a simple shape, but some small elements are still missing which will be added.


scott said...

Hi I am new to this and don't really know where to post this message but I was wanting to know if any of this will be available to download especially the bishop Auckland line thanks.


Derek Siddle said...

Hi Scott, once done this will be available yes. I don't have an end date but I am hoping that major progress can be made this year. It has been a personal project of mine for many years now, mostly in gathering reference and research material. regards Derek