Monday 31 December 2012

All the best

What an interesting year it's been! lots of drama as usual, a few doing the 'Hokey Cokey', a few lobbing toys from their pram and arkham asylum re in acting ground hog day again.
Never a dull moment for sure. :)

For me it's been a busy year, a difficult one but rewarding.
The biggest thing to happen on my route was Bob helping me with the track, I say helping me, I mean helping himself.
I just watched from the side line at his wonderful work.
So my route was about 23 miles, it is now a wopping 100+ miles and a pretty impressive network.
The name changed from Wear Valley Railway to Weardale & Teesdale Railway to reflect the new lines, it should make for an interesting experience.

When it was just me working on the route I would just tinker here and there, drift from one asset to another without a real plan of how to tackle the project. It is nothing like a work project, with a team so much more can be done and progress can be amazing.
One man working on it 2 or 3 hours a night will always be a challenge.

My advice for creators in 2013 is to pair up or find a like minded group to enjoy your hobby with, so much more enjoyable and feels worthwhile.
The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy what you do because you will never have the time back!

All the best for the new year.


It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.


Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to you and your family

Derek Siddle said...

Cheers Geoff, same to you and your family! best regards d