Saturday 15 September 2012

The new cool

I'm digging the occlusion boxes. lots of fun to be had here!


Jan Bleiß said...


could you write something about performance of these wonderful, very natural looking trees, please? I see a lack of of 1-2 fps, when I use standard 3D-trees instead of the self-turning 2D-textures.

Greetings, Jan

Derek Siddle said...

drawing a 1000 quads is quicker than drawing 600000 quads... However it's finding balance, my high poly trees go down to quad at about 300Ms so it's all give and take. A fine balancing act between polys (vertices really)/objects (draw calls) and textures, not to mention skinned Vertices, track network, lights, occlusion boxes etc etc.
I wish I could give some solid guidelines but because of the platform there is no constant.
My advice is, do more with less better. Use smoke and mirrors where you can and focus on what is important to you in your scene or route. What is good for 1 route is not so good for another, also there is always more than 1 way to skin a cat. Be creative and enjoy it. It is after all only a hobby. :) d

Anonymous said...

beautiful trees and atmosphere derek!

have fun with your route.



Anonymous said...

You're right Derek, it is a hobby, and it's fun to find a balance between detail, beauty and performance. It's like a good puzzle, it keeps you awake!
Very nice trees. I made also some more simple one, where the bark and tweaks are replaced by some planes with a spring tree texture. This trees still have around 150 quads, but much les than the other ones. Good luck! SAD