Friday 11 May 2012

The sun is out!

Great news, today it stopped raining and the sun has come out!
My office is not so dark today.
Above are a couple of shots of West Auckland. The loop is now complete. Navy Bob has been doing a wonderful job.

I'll be creating a lighting tutorial and updating some bits and bobs on a route (not WVR) over the coming days.
Also looking to start a new big project, more on that soon.

Left my Canon 400D camera on the train this week. Got off at Didcot with the kids and left the camera... Doh! Still I guess it is slightly better than leaving one of the kids on the train.
While doing my research for a replacement I found out my camera was rubbish.. how very dare they.

So...Canon 550D?

In other news I hear a man cut off his nose to spite his face (again). Not sure it was his real nose though.
While he lacked talent and commitment he was a great performer, his role as the pantomime villain was and still is one of his best. (He's behind you)
I'm pretty sure we will see him in the West wing of Arkham in the very near future.

Looking to make a couple of posters, I like this one and sums up the situation nicely..
We are the Permanent Way!

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