Monday 16 April 2012

Navvy Bob continues...

As you can see the connections from Bishop to Barnard Castle and Darlington are complete. Durham and Crook still to do.



Jivebunny said...

Hi Derek, looks like it's really starting to take shape. I'm looking forward to driving across the Gaunless (Lands) Viaduct near Cockfield, used to play on the dynamited piers with my brothers when I was a young'un. I have recent photos of one of the abutments as well as both the standing and felled piers if you need any detail shots. drop me a PM on UKTS if they'd be of use and I'll upload them - username is jivebunny.



Derek Siddle said...

Hi Alan, thanks for that. I am no longer on UKTS so please feel free to get my email address from Geoff (PM him, Acorn Computer)


Alan said...

E-mail sent :)