Saturday 13 August 2011

Wearhead Station

With a few hours to fill I managed to texture and place Wearhead Station.

Shame the building was not brick, probably would look more interesting. They Pebble dashed the walls to protect them from the harsh weather up in the dales.

This building/platform will be used as the basis for a few other stations. St Johns, Westgate and Eastgate all use the same basic block and layout.




Anonymous said...

Hi Derek, as someone whose family are from upper Weardale, I was born in Bishop- I must just say I am so looking forward to this project being completed!

I've been down in surrey for 50 years... but avidly consume all news from the dale..

I used to play next to the Wearhead shed (was there a turntavble there?)

All the best, Kevin

Derek Siddle said...

HI Kevin, good to hear from you. Yes there was a turntable, see the map in the post above.I have no images or dimensions for it only it mentioned in a book I have and it's place on the map.

I too am looking forward to the route being complete.