Sunday 24 July 2011

SouthView - Black Path

On modeling South View, the black path and Wilson Forge.
Above is the image looking towards the station, none of my track is final, I still need to make the changes for the line heading to Spennymoor.

Not many images of wilsons forge about but Google earth shows the buildings still in place. I walked past the place every day from School and have a good idea what the side facing SouthChurch road looks like. The 3 vents (2 pointing up and 1 down for some reason) and the big wall that ran along side it. If anyone does have a photograph of the place I'd be interested in seeing it, here is the area blocked out.



life said...

Can you rec-create the smell from Wilson's forge! And everything around it had a red dust tinge!

The black path also needs to look far more scarier than it does! Then was one of the dares when we were young! A trip a nighttime Bishop match you had to go down the black path...

Edward Farms said...

South View looks excellent but there is one thing missing, all the larger stone houses (Victorian built) have attic windows in the roof.

I should know I live in one of them :)

Derek Siddle said...

I remember the black path dare very well!

Sorry about the loft windows, did the houses all have them in the 50s?