Sunday 18 July 2010

Wesley church - Newgate Street

Ok, as much as I will be doing on the Wesley church.

As this church is right by the track and a big feature in Bishop Auckland so it has it's own texture page. It is a little ropey in parts and I have just noticed I have missed a chimney off it. As I don't live in Bishop and it is a 3 hour drive away I am only working off a small number of images, this texture was made from 3 photos and there were many hours of photoshop trickery to get it all squared up.
Anyway enough is enough and time to move on.



1 comment:

Kitform said...

Very interesting how you've unwrapped the model and applied it to the texture sheet. I was initially stuck on the texture for the gable ends capping stones, but I believe that piece is to the right of the clock?
Looks impressive. :)