Tuesday 22 June 2010

Just a few updates

Wesley Church (4 Clocks) WIP

View of Cemetery and Bracks wood. Lot os housing to lay down but it is all marked out. You can just about see the station in the top left.



Anna said...

Looking good Derek. :)

One minor quibble: from what I can determine, the Spennymoor branch was single track until Burnhouse Junction (the other side of Byers Green; there was definitely a loop at Coundon, however), so the track layout in the bottom of the screenshot is incorrect.

Rather than joining the line to Shildon at the junction, the Spennymoor line ran alongside it until just before the junction with the West Auckland line. Hence there were three tracks over the South Church Road bridge rather than two (in fact you can clearly see the bracing for the two lifted tracks from the single line still in use today).

When you think about it, this makes sense as it brings all of the associated pointwork and signalling into the direct line of sight of the East Box.

By the way, I've now pretty much finished with the central area a (the triangle between the Tunnel Branch, Shildon and West Auckland lines) and I'm now doing Simpasture Junction and Shildon Yards. This really is turning into quite a project. :)

Derek Siddle said...

hi Anna,

Thanks for the info, i did not know that but did wonder about the bridge.
Currently I have only laid a basic 2 track along the whole network.
On this project I have choosen to focus on buildings and scenery first as it is the biggest part of the project, hopefully the track work will not be too hard, and I look forward to showing more, thanks again.



Anna said...

Anytime Derek. :)

FWIW I figured out most of the track layout from a combination of historical maps and photos of the area around the east of the station.