Sunday 8 November 2009

A full weekend!

First stop, Shildon and THE DELTIC.

I was allowed to get into the cab and walk down through the engine compartment into the no2 cab too.
A walk along the line to the top of the damnhead, this view looking back towards Bishop Station.
Nice straight lines there....
I poped out for some potatoes and ended up at my old school, here is a shot of middle school, not the same without the prefabs where I had most of my lessons in the 3rd and 4th year.
Headed to South church and to the spot of the old South Church station, it closed before the Second World war.
Early doors I set off back south, stopping in to see a friend (who passed on some of the fine stuff) and take some pictures of the locos and shed.
Class 07 was a welcome surprise.
Also got in and around the 1F.
A great trip, tho one my car may never recover from.


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