Saturday 6 June 2009

Terrain texturing

Hi, Had a few hours spare so I thought I'd have a play with some terrain painting and scene setting. Apparently you can not get realistic scenes with the current terrain painting tools. Other packages look more realistic and are much better etc.
Yes, RS tools can be improved but they do work well as they are. Below is a scene I put together in a few minutes. It is in a new route with it's own texturing xml, currently there are only 5 grass textures held inside. I dropped a few trees down and I placed a new object 'dappled shade' under the 3 near trees. This is just a quad with a blendAtexdiff material assigned, (It is an aditive material so as the texture is black and alpha channel is a mid grey it multiplies that value on top of the terrain) I find it it helps to ground the trees and make them feel more 3D.

RS provided a basic set of textures, however if you want your routes to stand out from the crowd then I recommend looking at creating your own texture set. Remember to only put textures in you want to use, no need filling up the xml with random textures you will never use.

The next task I will look at is the grasspack texture, this is the material assigned to the procedural flora, and it really does help to blend one terrain texture set into the next.


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James said...

That looks lovely Derek. I feel like jumping into the screen and lying down under one of them!