Thursday 4 December 2008

3D track

I made the switch from a 2d loft to 3d sleepers. As you can see they make a world of difference.
Just need to make sure that the extra assets don't effect performance.
However they worked fine on the IOW route so no reason to worry too much.
As long as I don't create Shildon shops!




Donald said...

have been following your posts. your models look great. what software are u using to create it? and will u be releasing these as payware or freeware?

Fallax said...

Derek, Really impressed with the way the 37's coming along - verynice work. Also, the 3D sleepers bring the scenes to life in a whole "new" way - adds teriffically to the perspective - does it impact on the RS performance? Fallax (Ian Allcroft)