Tuesday 23 September 2008

While I have not touched my route for a few days I have been busy with some other house keeping tasks.

At the weekend I left London at 5am to arrive in Bury for 8am.
Chris Baily kindly invited me to take pics of the 101DMU, I think this may just have to make it into my route as it was the train I use to travel to Darlington on as a Kid. (Though not in that livery!)

After a few hours in and around the yard (and a chat about maybe a future western) I jumped into the car and headed north.
Shildon and the Locomotion http://www.locomotion.uk.com/was my destination and a walk around the steam gala.
A big thank you to Anthony and friends for making me feel so welcome.

The Duke was very impressive...

Though it was nice to see a familiar loco...

A number of reference pictures from around the Bishop Auckland and Shildon area then back to my Brothers for some food and a sleep.

Up at 3am to make the long journey home to my wife and daughter.

A great day out but not one I would want to do every Saturday!


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