Saturday, 19 November 2011

Where has the time gone!

Gosh time has flown by.
So many projects hard to keep track of what I have been doing!

Project Woodhead and the other loco projects I have been involved in has taken up much of my free time. However I do hope to get back to this route over Christmas and into the new year with a 2012 launch. (fingers crossed)

TS2012 is huge and the number of users just keeps on growing! We certainly have come along way since RS days.

You will have noticed that my time on forums has been reduced, much of this is down to work and family (my little boy growing up!)
I plan on cutting back even further from forums too for my own sanity, anyone who wishes to communicate with me can do so in the comments section here(stay on topic please) or if TS2012 issues/questions or just want to contact me then do so by emailing

I loved being involved with some of the community on the forums and I have made many friends, certainly was fun banter most of the time but I just don't have the time or energy to do work/life and keep my hobbies and other interests going as well as keep track and post in all the various threads in random forums.

Its been a long 6 years and if I am to last a further 6 years I need to stop burning the mid night oil candle from both ends so to speak. :)

So, more posts on WVR very soon which I am very excited about, and less posts on forums.

I wish everyone luck in their projects.