Sunday, 8 May 2011

Darlington at Wembley

Well after the hilarious tears from Catboy and the 'it's over when I say it's over' saga, it was time to turn my attention to more important matters... Darlo!

My brother and his son came to stop the night before and drinks and food were had out on the astro turf till late.

Saturday could not have gone any better.
Railway pub at 12 in West Hampstead for a number (best not say how many) of lovely Tribute beers before heading to the ground.

Mansfield had more supporters than Darlo something like 13000 to Darlo's 9000, however the overall attendance was 28000 so not a bad turn out overall.

Darlo were far the better team throughout and created a number of good chances, but Mansfield had a good spell in the second half and had some noisey fans.

Darlington should have wrapped it up towards the end of normal time when the hit the bar from a freekick and a low diving header that should have been on target.

Extra time came and went until the last minute (I was expecting pennas) a cross, a header, the bar, keeper did a gomez and flapped mid air before Senior poped up at the far post to head in. The fans went wild, after the crazyness there were lots of songs and for once the darlo fans had something to cheer about.

Mansfield had a free kick at the death but it came to nothing.

More beers at the railway before pizza/wine and rounded off the day with a little BlackAdder series 3.

Days just do not get better than that!