Friday 28 August 2009

Bridges and Rosebay

These Fridays are coming around quick!

Ok. This week I have made more progress on the station complex. The approach bridgeover the tracks has been created (though not shadow baked yet ) as well as the curved wall sections.

Looking south(ish)

The underside of the bridge is not straight, it angles up into the middle slightly, counted the pannels but not the rivots. :)

I felt the need to make more Rosebay, my last lot was not great and the source image was a bit of a let down. still got to get the lighting values right but the detail is there.

Lastly the Jubilee got released today, next up the Hall then V2!

Edit, any comments about addons please email support, updating the products on steam is so very easy.
I don't mind beef, but not here please.




Anonymous said...

Your Rosebay reminded me of something that has been bothering me. Thatis the creation of object groups by the user. First, is it less of a hit on FPS to create a group of trees rather than the same trees placed individually? If no ignore the remainder.

If yes, is it a nasty process to gather some vegetation and make your own custom group? I do not want to re-learn C but some scripting may be absorbed without excessive difficulty.

Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

Did you cut around every flower and leaf to get the profile along the top of the Rosebay or is it case of taking the photo against a uniform sky background and turning that background into a transparent alpha channel?