Friday 14 August 2009

Bishop Auckland Station

Ok, I'll stop posting tree images!
So, this weekend I'm turning my attention back to the station.
As it stands things are blocked out and to the right scale.
The slopping tunnel is straight right now but I'll add the bend later once it is all mapped and textured.
The footbridge over the platform needs to be added as does the canopies.
I have a good detailed plan of the station layout I got by emailing the NRM at York. cost a few quid but well worth it and from that I know where the doors and windows are on the platforms.

The station approach wall and platform edges are blocky and not final.
The platform edge will be done in the game engine with an offset loft to make sure I get a wonderful curve that hugs the rails.

Looking West from high about Cocton Hill Road towards the station rec.

Looking East down the line to Darlington

Looking South.

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Darren said...

It was a magnificent place, much better than what we see now. Excellent work Derek as ever.