Monday 17 January 2011

Real vs RWs

I have had a number of folks ask about what I am doing so I thought I would put up 2 shots to show the real and my version in RWs.

While making assets I often try and get the feel of an area rather that worry about getting it exactly right. I try and get the right number of houses in the street and match the window layout and brick colour etc, but I do not worry about every house looking as it does now. I don't live there anymore, I don't have the time to go to that detail, and i think it would not be that much fun. Also, I am modelling the route in the 50's so much would have changed anyway.
:) and I'm sticking to that.




Anonymous said...

Nice. I like the way you have varied doors and windows - presume these are a small number of textures applied to flat door/window quads?

SAD said...

Your a developer with patient, it is seen on the quality of your assets, such unity in color and style. Keep on, SAD

Albion Rail said...

Extremely creative work, I am truly impressed.

Anonymous said...

UPVC in the 1950's derek, must have cost those house holders a pretty penny lol, awsome work, been looking through the old pics of this route, they always say a masterpiece can take years :D