Sunday 16 January 2011

Escomb road

Just building a number of terrace houses and old hospital, and I remembered I had not updated what I did with Escomb road. This is one asset with 2 lods, all detail drops off at 200 M.
The texture for this is 512/1024, however I could enlarge this to a square to fit in some of the surrounding terrace houses and sheds.
Away from the track I give myself a rule of thumb which is a 2 story building is 256 pixels high and I work from that to get the rest.
It is really easy to throw too many textures at objects. While I don't mind doing this for my stations, the filler objects need to be kept low otherwise the route will run slow and take ages to load.. sound familiar?



Anonymous said...

Nice work Derek !! - Looks very convincing.


Geoff Potter said...

Hi Derek

According to Google Earth these Houses are still there.

It is always a bit odd when an area changes quite a lot over time but some things just stay the same.