Thursday 26 February 2009

North by Northeast

Sorry for not posting for a few weeks, but I have been rather busy. (More on that soon!)
It was with great pleasure I managed to head off back north for the weekend to gather the much needed reference pictures for my route.
I left London and the family at 10pm Friday night. North circular, M1,M18,A1 BOSH!
Three and a half hours later I arrive at my brothers house for a beer before bed. (well, sleeping bag!)
7am start to the day heading into the dales, it was a wonderful drive, full of dramatic skies and rolling hillsides.
I took close on 2000 images, mostly of bridges/buildings and trees over 2 days but I thought I'd share a few of the views I encounted.
First up the view from West Blackdene bridge looking down the line to St John's Chapel.

Next up the view a mile down the line at St john's chapel.

Further down stream (looking south) just before you get to Eastgate I took this shot.

Arrived at Witton Park around 2pm.

I spent the rest of the day taking shots of Bishop Auckland buildings.
A few beers with the older brother, then up at 8am to head off down the other branch lines, first up the 2 miles to Shildon Tunnel. The First train of the day was still a few hours away. I walked through that tunnel once as a kid, a stupid thing to do, but it was just one of many stupid things I did!
After a trip to see dad I drove upto Coundon station and walked the 2 miles to Binchester taking pictures of views and the various stone bridges along the way, below is a view from one of them.
After that I wondered around Bishop some more taking pictures of King James and Cockton hill schools as well as other key buildings.
I have enough to keep me busy for many months and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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