Saturday 28 February 2009

Just when you thought the bridge was over...

As I have hundreds of assets to make I am looking only to spend a few hours per scenery asset.
This morning was the first test, 2 hours from start to finish.
One side on photo was enough to create the texture for the whole bridge at Wearhead. I did mirror the arches to save on texture space.
The texture size is 1024/256, which is ok seeing as the end of the line is just behind the camera.
I will also look to create an animated object that I can place below the surface of the water to simulate shallow rapids. The route follows the river the whole way so it is important I get the river looking intresting.

The bridge at Wearhead.

Update image with added rocks.


GreyPea said...

Nice. Looks like troubled water though.

You gonna be using scrolling UVs on the animated object you mention in your post ?

Derek Siddle said...

Still not sure the best way to do this, while the uv scrolling does work in some cases, rapids tend to stay local, an animated texture may be better suited.
However, with the water already animating a static texture may work underneath the surface, while it will not move, from only a short distance back it will look like it is moving in someway.
Further testing required.