Thursday 4 September 2008

Welcome, to the start of my Wear Valley Railway Blog.

Wearhead to Shildon and the Bishop Auckland branch lines are being developed as an addon for Rail Simulator.

The main reason for producing this route is to recreate a much loved area that sadly no longer exists.
There are a few more reasons but those are best saved for a later date.

Brief History:

The first railway to Bishop Auckland opened in 1843 as an extension of The Stockton & Darlington Railway from South Church to The Wear Valley and the town eventually developed into an important interchange point with lines radiating to all parts of the railway network including Darlington, Crook (until 1939 this was a through route to Swalwell on Tyneside via Tow Law, Consett Steel Works [Derwent Iron Co], Shotley Bridge and the Derwent Valley) & Weardale, Spennymoor, Barnard Castle and Durham. The station was unusual in shape being triangular, it was no problem if a locomotive needed turning.
Find out more about the line Here .

Ok, getting started was the hardest part, I will leave you with the Bishop Auckland track laid within Rail Simulator:

Next time screen shots of some of my early assets.


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