Saturday 30 May 2015

just a pretty picture

Not part of my route but just playing with styles.


Anonymous said...

Hello Derek,

thank you for the excellent route you are wokring on! I am greatly looking forward to it and read your posts regularly.

One question:
Which of the at STEAM available steamlocomotives would fit the route and era?

All the best,

Derek Siddle said...

A B1 would be a good fit. But the most of the LNER locos have run through BA station, and I'm sure all have been through Darlington and Durham. :)

There is a K1 coming soon after release so that is a suitable loco too.

I really want to see a J21, Q6 and a G5 for the route.. that would make it complete.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Derekt! I am greatly looking forward creating some scenarios for your route!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Is that Filey ?