Wednesday 24 December 2014

Darlo - WIP

Got a good man at DTG making a station for the route.. Looking fab!


Geoff Potter said...

Hello Derek

Almost as good as you, this man at DTG.

For me, it is such a great feeling to create something/anything really, and see it come to life in TS.

Unknown said...

Wow! Derek, I've just stumbled across your blog whilst looking for some information about steam railways around the Bish' and Spenny' area, and your work is amazing!

I've been tinkering with Trainz for a while and bought TS2015 just before Christmas, and it looks like your work is for TS, is that right?

My wife and I have ridden many of the disused lines in the area on our bikes and it would be great to be able to ride them for 'real' on a sim', particularly if you're going to have Bish' Station as it was in its heyday.

Give me a shout if you need some alpha / beta-testing doing :-)

Keep up the good work!