Sunday 3 November 2013

cockton hill layout

Working my way around Cockton Hill, blocked out the United bus depot, and prepared the ground for the infant and junior school.


Unknown said...

United used Bristol Loddeka's didn't they? Looking out for signs of a bus fleet there.

Unknown said...

I hadn't realised you were modelling 1951,I assumed you would be doing the area as it was in your youth Derek. In that case it would more likely be Bristol LLB's Bristol K and Bristol KSW.

Artistic licence version, any red bus will do. ;-)

Derek Siddle said...

The date is about 1953 as this is the year Wearhead closed. But it will stretch to late 60s, and you are right, I am bending the rules a little. But that's ok as long as I am enjoying it otherwise it would never come out!