Saturday 9 February 2013

Eden Theater

This building has long since gone and only a handful of black and white photos remain. There are no plans as far as I know (not that I am that bothered) so I made a best guess from what I had and come up with this shape. The length is about 48M(ish)  going by the 1945 google earth footprint, I also made a few guesses on height of levels based on the size of the people.

Details and textures to come! :)

I made the call a few years ago not to worry to much about exact/spotter/rivet counting details on many of the buildings that have gone. (or are still there!) To cover a hundred miles of track compromises have to be made. I know that is a concept a few in the simulator world struggle with but there you go.. :)

As my mam would have said if she was alive ' A man on a galloping horse would not notice!'

bless her.


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