Saturday 3 November 2012

Flexi-row housing

Having planned to make Bishop Auckland out of huge blocks I have turned against that idea, mainly because  of the time involved but also I'm not sure all the terraced housing needs to be so exact away from the track.
I will be making around 20 or so different brick terraced houses and making different rows of different lengths. I have also added some foundation polys so that if the houses are on a hill (which they often are) then you don't see them floating.
I am hoping this different approach as used on some of my other routes will help speed up some areas of the route.
I will of course still be making 'specials' for key areas where generic just will not do!

Here is a quick example of what a scene looks like with just using 1 asset in a flexi row.


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Unknown said...

Derek, you mention doing foundation polys for these terraced houses. How would you go about that? Want to build some terraced houses myself with this idea in mind. Cheers Gavin