Wednesday 27 October 2010

Tea time

While multitasking (badly) I have been keen to put together a couple of new characters. This one taking time out to have a cuppa.

So an interesting week. RS2 out which is good.
The Arkem is quiet for a change but UK kicked off.

Not sure UKTS have got to the bottom of the real problem though. Maybe they (Matt) should be asking why the creators are taking their work down...
Anyway, for once not my problem which is nice...!



Anonymous said...

hi, ...

Now we can see Derek works before he where a Artist.
Cool, exellent.


SAD said...

Great man! Someone who takes the time for a cuppa in stead of watching the time all the time!

Could you tell me, are there any documents about making characters? I would love to make some!
I know about the used shaders, but how it is done in MAX, it seems a big secret...

Thanks, SAD

Anonymous said...

That looks surprisingly like you Derek.